About Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company®

As a family-owned and operated company, we have the unique freedom to do business differently than most life insurance companies. While most big name life insurance companies answer to Wall Street, we answer to you. While most answer calls with an automated menu, we answer with a live person. While most see you as just another sale, we see someone who deserves our time and attention. We choose to do business differently because we follow a strict set of values that keep you at the forefront of every decision we make.

These values have allowed us to become the nation’s leader in agent-produced final expense life insurance. From the beginning, we’ve partnered with the best in the final expense industry to ensure our customers are always treated with respect and dignity. You’ll see that our agents are cut from a different cloth – they’re more concerned with protecting people than with selling products you don’t need. Every day, thousands of our field representatives educate families on the local funeral industry and the various costs associated with final arrangements. Lincoln Heritage agents are proud of the work they do because they’re helping people in their community plan for final expenses – and that’s rewarding work.

Our Difference

How does one describe living the life they have always imagined, yet never dared to believe they could live?

There are multiple aspects to the secret of our success. WIT is more than just another group of business associates. We are more like family; a very close team. We push each other to excellence, learn from one another, share our struggles, and most importantly, celebrate each other’s victories.

Many of our associates attribute their success to the continuous support provided by the WIT management team. You are not alone. Although optional, you’ll find that the most successful agents participate in our regular meetings:

  • WEEKLY CONFERENCE CALLS: A must in today’s fast pace world, conference calls allow us to move forward with one vision, even when our team is spread across state lines. This is a reliable way to ensure that our team is still a team, which means if you have a decision that needs immediate attention, you have the backing of years of experience and knowledge at the other end of the phone call. It is our hassle-free way to nurture a dynamic growing company and its hard-working associates.
  • MONTHLY SALES MEETINGS: Nothing beats face-to-face interaction and our sales meetings provide the opportunity for our team to excel. Each meeting provides WIT product updates and discussions, as well as sales strategies to increase success. As a team, we celebrate all successes collectively and take the time to recognize our top performers.
  • QUARTERLY MEETINGS: We spice up the normal, dreaded meetings. Like everything else we do, we make quarterly meetings an experience worth participating in every time. These meetings combine business with entertainment, a time where we can recognize our success and have fun in the process. You will walk away from these meetings with a solid corporate identity and unparalleled team spirit. Just like your favorite sport, it’s the time-out that assures we’re all playing to win and after three months, it’s time for a team regrouping.
  • SALES INCENTIVES: Our sales incentives trips are second to none. We encourage our agents to take advantage of these trips, for they are often life-changing experiences.